Thursday, December 8, 2011


Just letting everyone know I will be having some crazy facebook status updates...

You see my husband got me a fitbit. At first I was kind of upset with him... but now I love it. Seriously LOVE it. It keeps track of how many steps I take in a day, how far I walk/ran, even my sleep. I know, right!! My sleep! I put it in this little thingy, I attach to my dominate wrist, I set it to sleep mode, and it lets me know how many times I am disturbed at night. It also tells me how long it takes me to fall asleep and gives me a sleep efficiency percent.

So now on to why my status' will be crazy. Well the first number I post will be the amount of steps, the second the distance. Sometimes there will be a third and/or fourth number... those will be the amount of time and/or the speed.

My husband now realizes how many more steps I have to take to walk the same distance as him. Generally I take one and half to 2 for every one of his. So my numbers are always better than his!! ha!

Once in a while there might even be a 5th number. The number of leaves generated! You'll just have to visit FitBit and find out what all that entails!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Getting ready to head 'down home' for the Thanksgiving holiday. Austin and Mason have already left which leaves me to pack my stuff and the dogs. I'm just so glad I don't have to listen the kids' songs cd for the entire trip!! So very very happy!!

I have to stop in Boone and get gas and then again in Council Bluffs to drop off a cd of senior photos. So I'd better get my butt in gear...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I've been working all day. All day... I'm more than ready for bed but I have to finish this session and a newborn one before I can go to bed. I have to get them done and delivered before I leave tomorrow... Gonna be a long night...

Monday, November 21, 2011

So I didn't make it all month but that is okay...

Friday was Fremont-Mills state championship football game. We kicked butt!! The final score... 81 to 0... 81 to ZERO!! How crazy! The game was awesome!

Mason was picked up from preschool by my friend Jess so he was pretty excited to be able to play with her son Vince. Vince then came home with us and stayed the night. They had so much fun playing outside and running around that they both crashed on the couch before 8:30! I call that success!

Saturday morning Jess and her husband dropped off their daughter Ellie on the way to Des Moines to go see Wicked. We, being me, my husband, and the kiddos, all had a great day. There were no real tears and thankfully they didn't eat me out of house and home.

Sunday was my BIRTHDAY! Yay I'm now... um... 31... I guess I'm okay with it. I mean really what would happen if I wasn't? NOTHING! Life goes on so I've decided to just accept that I'm 31. I'm not saying I'll be okay with 32 next year but for right now 31 is okay...

And now some championship football game photos. Better photos than the score updates on my facebook page...

My day started with the sunrise... I know hard to believe...

Walking to the middle for the coin toss that they no longer even do on the field. So basically they just shake hands and make a show of it...

A touch down run attempt... I don't really remember... by number 32...
Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Another series of photos. This time of number 19's touchdown catch...
Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Number 7's interception touchdown!

All the seniors!! Such a great group of guys. It really has been fun watching these boys play this year.

My niece, Morgan, and her friend. They wanted me to take their photo so I took it and then it dawned on me that the photo I had just taken could have been taken anywhere... There were no distinguishing attributes about it that you could look at it and say 'oh that was taken at the dome...'. So I had them turn around so we could get some of the field behind them. I think it made for a much better photo!

I took this of the law enforcement officer because he was texting... and noticed the coaches when I got home. I do wonder what the guy was texting...

The final score!

Ended my day with the sunset...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I'm really wishing I could get over this stupid little cough... I just can't seem to shake it.

Now that Mason has been bathed and is in bed I think it is past time for me to haul my butt up to bed too. I have a log day of procrastination ahead of me tomorrow... I have a couple of sessions that I've edited my favorites from and am just working on the 'momma favs' right now... The cds have to be in the mail by Friday at 4 so I've got time. At least all day tomorrow because Friday I will be in Cedar Falls at the UNI-Dome!! Getting excited! Seriously!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's Their Title to Lose...

I love the unity of this team! I sure can't imagine the football players holding hands when I was high school... willingly because they know it makes them stronger. More of a team than individual players...

I love this set of pics. All were shot in quick succession. While there has been a lot of talk of N.M. (I don't need people to google and find this little place) he isn't the whole team. It is rather impressive to watch him bulldoze his way to the inzone but to watch #7 fly through the air is fun too. He isn't very tall and he is tenacious. Almost like a little ankle biter dog that looks all sweet and innocent and then goes for the face when you lean down to pet it... Tenacious! The quarterback, #4, is fun also. He just doesn't get frazzled easily. Probably a good thing in a QB.

If I remember right this might have been the first touchdown run for the {K}nights... It looks like they are getting ready to start a line dance...

I didn't take this last photo because I had a good view of her but because I figured with all the other cameras floating around no one else would. While our football team plays like a team the town as a whole is still a little cliquey. This wonderful young lady might not have the 'right' last name but her mother sure thinks she is special and I knew her mother wasn't there to see her play at the dome. While I have taken better personal photos this month, this one is my favorite so far this month. It's a little early in the month to name my fav professional photo...

Monday, November 14, 2011

Ha! What a day! I got nothing done... Absolutely nothing... I take that back I did get one load of laundry done... but that is it.

I'm hoping tomorrow is better. You know the tomorrow that starts in about 45 minutes. Yep that one!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I Do Better With Sour

This will be short and sweet... I'm afraid today is gonna go much too quickly. Yay for bullet points!!

  • The boys got home around 9 last night... The longest 3 hour drive I've ever seen!
  • I went to bed late
  • Mason got up early
  • I have a family session I need to get on CD so that it can be delivered when we go to their daughters bday party at 11...
  • and I think I'm coming down with a cold... stuffed nose, sneezing, cough, headache... Fun times...

Saturday, November 12, 2011

I got a wonderful surprise last night. My husband decided he was gonna go down to my 'down home' and pick up a tractor he is buying from my parents. And the best part... he was taking Mason with him! So I had a whole evening and night and day to myself. It has been wonderful!

First I followed them out the drive and headed to Ames to buy another EHD (external hard drive). You know one that will sit on my husband's desk and back up my back up and all his stuff. Then I had to stop at WalMart and get Mason some snow pants and a new snow coat since he is growing like a weed.

When I got home I stole the tv out of the kitchen and took it up to my bedroom and indulged in some good old movies. As a general rule we don't have tvs in our bedroom because a bedroom is for sleeping and before sleeping activities. That does not include watching tv. I was just so tired and had a huge headache and didn't feel like falling asleep in the living room. I fell asleep during the first 30 minutes and slept until after 9. Since then I've been working on my couple of sessions and waiting for my husband and son to get home.

My husband called about 30 minutes ago and told me they had a blow out near Glidden which is about 10 miles from Carroll which is a good hour from home... So I'm not expecting them until at least 8 if not later.

He actually called me to see if I would run to town and pick him up a inner tube and run it to him... Wisely he decided to drop the trailer and run into town to pick up his own. Ha! You'd think that after 11 years he would know the easiest thing would be to do that and get what he wanted the first time instead of waiting for me to get there with the wrong thing... because we know that is exactly what would happen. Thankfully he had his friend, Sterling, with him who, I'm afraid, was the voice of reason in the scenario...

Friday, November 11, 2011

So the football game yesterday was in one word... AWESOME!! Final score 69-26! It was a great game! That means FM will be back at the dome next Friday for the state title. How exciting!! I know I can't wait. I'm so thankful my drive isn't near as far as everybody elses... I'm only about an hour and 15 or 20 minutes. Just a nice little drive. It usually takes longer than that to get home though because I have to stop and pick up Mason from my friend, Jess's, house.

It can never be just a quick in and out thing either. No. I have to go in and gossip for a bit and then I have to bribe my son to leave... I guess that is a good thing but still kind of annoying... Really, why can't he just do what I ask him to do. Anyways I guess I can't complain too much since he is such a cutie.

And the bonus of today is that Mason has decided to take a morning nap and is currently sleeping in his dad recliner and has been for about hour. Unfortuanatly that means he is growing again. I've already had to buy him more new jeans this school year because he got too tall for his others. The knees weren't even holey yet! What boy doesn't wear out the knees of his jeans? Obviously mine! It isn't for lack of trying though!

Now I've got to finish editing a couple of sessions and then I can maybe actually look through the rest of my photos from the game yesterday! Maybe even some I haven't got the chance to look at yet from all last week... Maybe...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

All my data was unrecoverable. Gone. All of it! Every single photo... Totally not an awesome day yesterday... I've decided not to dwell on it. I'm off to the football game now. Maybe that will relax me... Ha!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

We went to bed early last night. Therefore we were up really really early this morning... Now we are watching Madagascar 2... I've decided Mason is going to school today. As soon as this movie is over I will get him dressed and take him to school. After that I have a ton of work that needs to get done... seeing as how I won't be home tomorrow. I'm going to the FM game at the Unidome... I can't wait!! I think about the whole town of Tabor and the surrounding areas are going to be making the long trek to Cedar Falls to watch the game. My sister, Cammie, and her family are driving up tonight instead of getting up really really early tomorrow and driving up. Mason is going to school and then my friend Jess is gonna pick him up. He is really excited to have a play date with Jess's son Vince. Any other time I would pick him up on my way home from the game but we have parent teacher conferences at 6:20 (I'm hoping I'm to be home in time...) so I will pick him up after we are done...

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A short night... Mason had to wake me up to go pee which I'll admit is very unusual. About an hour later he started yelling for me... Poor little kid had thrown up all over his bed...

No one needs to know read all those gross details... I spent my day cleaning up puke and doing laundry... it sucked... really bad... I was able to get some work done though... Good thing because I'm up to my eyeballs in it.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Mason at school... the heater turnd up... the dogs in the kennel... Damnit! I should have turned my phone off...

Sunday, November 6, 2011

What A Day

So thankful for the time change today! I got a whole extra hour of sleep. And best yet was that I actually got the extra hour because my son is at home with his father!!

I slept in this morning, ate some breakfast, tortured my niece, took some newborn photos... Now I'm gonna eat some supper and then head home. As always I won't be heading straight home but will be stopping by my grandma's house and my cousin's to see her new little baby Carlos whom I have some super cute newborn photos of that are just waiting for me when I get home... I figure I'll get home around midnight. O'well...

Saturday, November 5, 2011


So... went to the game last night... we won... like it was ever in question that we wouldn't! Final score 58-22. That means that next Thursday we get to play Armstrong-Ringsted again just like last year. The outcome should be different this year though.

I'm excited for the dome though. I only have to drive a little over an hour to get there. No over night crap for me. A win on Thursday would mean they would play again on the 18 for state title.

Now I'm gonna go scrounge up some breakfast (ask my mommy to make me something yummy), do a little work, take a nap, and then get ready for M and D's Dirty Thirty Party.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Let's Go KNIGHTS! Let's Go!

Where has this week gone? Where has this year gone? Anyways...

Today, like here in an hour or so I am taking off for 'down home'. My little cousin had her little baby. Little Carlos is just so cute and so little and I get to take his little pictures this afternoon. I am so excited!

Then tonight I get to go to the Fremont-Mills vs East Mills football game. I missed the game the last time and refuse to miss it this time. So I have to be in Tabor in time to ride with Cammie and Ricky because I do not want to have to find a parking space at the Malvern school.

I have to say that though FM has a great football the cheerleaders are leaving something to be desired. At the game on Monday night I heard exactly 6 cheers... Can I just say HOW PATHETIC!! I know the basketball cheerleaders are way better but that could be because they have a way better coach. Sounds to me like someone needs to step down and let the younger coach be in control because that is exactly what it is a control issue...

Thursday, November 3, 2011

I feel...

like I have signed my life away...

You see, last week, my external hard drive decided to take a huge crap. As in it stopped working. Suddenly just started clicking. That just kinda spells disaster. So I sent it to a data recovery place. They come back and say... 

"Our tests indicate failure to the read/write head mechanism of your drive. Read/write head mechanism failure is one of the worst types of failures that can occur to a hard drive because of the difficulty in successfully overcoming the failure. Read/write head failures often lead to catastrophic head crashes that cause platter damage rendering your precious data unrecoverable instantly."
Do you see how my week started out? Let me play the scenario out for you...

Last Saturday, as my husband was packing for a week long business trip in Germany, I was sitting down to finish editing a wedding. My day was going good. I had my coffee and was getting ready to edit the last 4 or 5 photos and then put them on the cd for the happy couple. I plug in my hard drive and it starts humming but then it starts clicking and clicked maybe 5 times and then the hard drive would power down. I unplugged it and set it aside to deal with later seeing as how my husband was getting ready to walk out the door.

I know it seems crazy but whenever my husband leaves the country I get nervous, irritated, antsy, jubilant, good wifey and ask him if he has everything. You know the normal... socks, undies, t-shirts, shampoo, wash cloth, soap, deodorant, tooth brush, phone charger, money, foreign money, passport. Only once have I not asked him all this and that one time he only one clean pair of underwear. I laugh about it every time because the picture of my husband hand washing his undies in the sink every night is hilarious! So we go through our ritual and I see him off and get back to work.

So thinking the last time was a fluke I plug back in my hard drive and it does the same thing. I then run to the bathroom and become physically ill. Then I jump on the internet and get to work looking for someplace to recover my data. The whole time feeling like I'm looking for a witch doctor to heal some unseen mental imagined illness.

So we can fast forward a couple of days and some more physical illness episodes...

Wednesday I got the estimate for the data retrieval. $2199.00! What? Really? That much? Really? But what choice do I have? I don't know about other people but I don't have that kind of change just laying around. So I had to wait until my husband was back in the country and Mason and I were home to discuss our options.

I realize that it would be so much cheaper to just rent tuxes and get her dress cleaned and hair and makeup done again and do retakes. I know that sounds crass but the photos were generic. Totally generic! Not my favorite thing to do. But they wanted traditional. I know that the emotions on her face would very closely resemble the emotions of her wedding day because she would just be happy they would have photos to hang on the wall. And they might be able to laugh about it later but, BUT, all of Mason's baby photos are on there. EVERY SINGLE PHOTO. I have none on my laptop, none on my husband's computer, NONE. So I've set up a payment plan and should know if the retrieval is successful later this week.

I guess my advice for everyone would be to backup everything, and then back it up again, and then backup the backup. If anyone ever tells you that is crazy you can tell them about this idiot that didn't and lost everything...

Now I'm off to backup a couple of sessions I've done since then and then I'll backup my backup and get to work. After all I've got to pay for my failing...

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Where did the year go... Today I am editing a senior session from last weekend and trying to think of Christmas gifts... It is sleeting outside. How can it be sleeting outside? Yesterday it was in the 60's but today sleet... I guess it is iowa.

For some reason I forgot to post this... I think I'm losing my mind or is it that my son didn't have school yesterday throwing my house into chaos...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


It's that time again...

I figured why not. I've got nothing better to do between the hours of 8-1 everyday.

On this day though I am sitting on my parents couch in a house with no internet connection trying to type this on a phone that is working but not working... and I know it won't get posted until I get home tomorrow... such is life. Here is to day 1...

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Not a good day yesterday...

My external hard drive decided to die on me... I'm taking it to a data recovery place in the morning and really hoping and praying they can recover at least some of my stuff...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Screw Pandora

 My favorite app on my phone has to be my TuneIn radio app. Imagine how happy I was to see that it is now available on the internet. No more 40 hour limit per month or having Pandora decide what I would like to listen to. I find an interesting foreign station that play American Top 40 hits and just listen. There is only one problem with this little system of mine... the curse words and suggestive language are all in their full fledged glory... Bonus though is the commercials are in a language I don't understand so even those are interesting.

This is my current favorite. I understand a little of the language... Enough to find a bathroom, introduce myself, and ask how your day is going. Oh, and what kind of camera you use!! How could I forget that!

Wink ;|

Recent argument I heard from the living room...

A: Come here.

M: What?

A: Come here.

M: What?

A: Come here.
A: Don't wink at me, I said come here...

I have no clue what they were arguing about. I also had no clue Mason could wink. I guess I learn something new everyday...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy...

I've been so busy that this little blog kinda gets pushed to the side... Hopefully one day soon I'll be able to get back here full time, or as close to my definition of full time... Until then my work can be seen at PictureMyEveryday. That should at least get you caught up on what I've been doing lately. Don't worry I'll be back to catch you up on everything I don't want on that sight soon. I can almost see daylight... and no that isn't because dawn is in just a little bit...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wild Kratts...

I love how when my son gets upset with something he mutters 'wild kratts'... I know he is just using in place of some more colorful language but it is so cute. Ms. W, his preschool teacher, asked me about it. I smiled, chuckled and said, 'I'd rather he say that than a more colorful phrase...' She got a kick out of that! Austin however did not. He can't stand it! He says that at least when Mason is in the garage he knows exactly what Mason is trying to say or wants to say... Boys! Gotta love em!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My windows are open and the little boy is asleep on the couch... I LOVE preschool!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wonderful Tuesdays...

The weather has finally turned and we are sitting at a comfortable 78! I love days like this. Slight breeze, slightly clouded. Too bad I'm stuck inside cleaning. At least until this evening when the hubby gets home and I have to help him pick up metal. Our friend Sterling has a huge dumpster he is filling with metal and hauling away so my husband is helping him fill it. I cannot believe how much metal there is around here. I swear! He has hauled truck load after truck load. Good news is that we won't have to pay to get rid of it like we would have had to. Bad news is that I have to help. I guess it won't kill me though.

I am ready for snow. Just thought I would throw that out there. For right now though I'm gonna turn off the ac and open the windows.

Alexis ~ Elk Horn Class of 2012

This sweet young lady was so much fun!! I swear she never stopped smiling! I got one shot of her not smiling. Only one. It is by far my favorite of the whole day!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'm ignoring everything and getting my quilt done... I haven't touched my camera in several days but that will have to come out to take pics of my quilt blocks... My cell phone just doesn't cut it! I'm also ignoring any and all housework... That is gonna take some work to ignore Mason's toys all over, the laundry piled in the bathroom, and the dishes in the sink... I think I can, I think I can, I will.

Mason is spending the weekend with Austin's parents. We drop him off Friday night and will pick him Sunday afternoon... late afternoon. Early Saturday I have to be on the road to Elk Horn. I have a senior shoot with my brother-in-law Jesse's niece. But before we can get to the actual picture taking we have to visit a couple of antique shops and see if we can find a couple of props... I've been looking for a chair forever. I want something bright colored or funky. I'm even willing to get the fabric redone on it... Maybe I'm just picky... Then we have to go through Miss Alexis's closet. I'm sure we won't have a problem there. She is just the sweetest little thing.

We got some awesome news regarding my brother-in-law Jesse the other day. He has gone through treatment for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma 3 times including 2 stem cell transplants. Late last week marked day 100 from his most recent transplant. He had to go through the pet scan and bone marrow biopsy again... This is what was on his facebook yesterday...

My bone marrow came back 100% cancer free and the donors stem cells took over 100%!!!!! Cancer can kiss my ass!!!!

Such great news!!

And now I'm off to make up some more quilt blocks!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I cleaned off the dining room table today so that I could pull out the sewing machine.

All was going good until my husband got home...

He came in and put his bag on the table then he went outside and brought in a plant and put it on the table. Now he is proceeding to make a mess... on my nice clean table... I think it is time for me to take it over... again...

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Dad's needle biopsy came back benign. We are all so thankful. So VERY thankful. He has another spot on the right lung that they are concerned about so he will be having another pet scan done at the end of August to see if it has grown or changed. Hopefully things can get back to normal until then.

He's Up To Something...

The other night my husband told me that he needs new photos taken. New photos of him taken... It's safe to say that I was just a little surprised. Evidently he is tired of his current facebook photo...

Personally I think he is just tired of that hat and wants a new shirt...

Friday, July 1, 2011

Sitting at the hospital with dad.

Dad had a needle biopsy on Wednesday for a spot on his lung. A collasped lung and an inconclusive diadnosis later and we are still here. The options were to go in and take out the spot (ha! Right!) Or wait until the last week of August and do another cat scan and see if it has grown. As you can imagine we are going to go with the wait and see method.

We are hoping dad will be able to go home tonight. The drive home could be interesting though due to all the flooding. The interstate is closed at Glenwood so all the traffic is being diverted to Hwy 275. Ha! Mom and Dad live off of Hwy 275 with a driveway that you have to back out of. Should be fun...

I was planning on going home yesterday but I'm not holding my breath. I'll go home when I'm no longer needed here. I know I'm ready to sleep in my own bed again and get away from other peoples' kids a.k.a the nephews... OMG! If my kid ever behaves like that he will be confined to his room forever!

Monday, June 13, 2011


I am so far behind I will never daylight...

Austin is in Slovakia for the week. A whole week... I cannot wait for him to get home and he just left Sunday. Sunday morning so I am counting that as a whole day... I did play the good wife and got up early and made him french toast before he left. I had to do something to get those few extra points before he left. That way maybe he won't be so mad when he gets home and the living room is painted. I still haven't decided yet if I want to repaint the bathroom while he is gone yet or not. I thinking maybe YES!... We will see.

Now I'm off to try to catch up on some things. This summer is going way too fast already. I've got to think of something good for my 11th wedding anniversary that is coming up later this month. I'm thinking he may just get a man quilt. I'm sure my cold blooded husband would love that. I also gave him permission to buy a trailer. I may live to regret that though.

I'll try to get back on here after the boy goes to bed and give a more in depth update but for now I think some quiet game time is in order for the boy. Ahh, some peace and quiet...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Where did May go? Seriously, the month just flew. Here we are at the end of the month and Mason and I are getting ready to go camping with my family. We had planned on leaving Saturday after Austin leaves to go to Chile but we are taking off a couple of days early to spend some time with my dad because truthfully he isn't in that great of shape. Austin understands that we won't get to do this much longer. Mason starts preschool in September so that will greatly cut down on our traveling.

For 4 year preschool being free they sure do ask a whole lot of income questions. I know it is because it isn't resolved yet whether it will be free or not this year but they aren't getting our income information. Sorry, no way. I've seen the pay scale for the new year if it doesn't end up being free and we are screwed. SCREWED I say!! And to think we didn't enroll him in the 3 year old preschool because it was gonna cost 70 a month. Just double it. It might end up we take him to Webster City and enroll him in the catholic program. It would be cheaper even with the gas. Very aggravating! (that ends my complaining for the month of May)

We had storms blow through here this afternoon and Mason's playground became a casualty. I didn't see it happen but I do know it is laying down about 10 feet from where it was... I'm guessing that the slide is a lost cause. I'm really hoping that Austin can get it fixed while we are gone this week. Otherwise it is going to be a long summer!

Well I better go finish getting our stuff around for this weekend. I have to finish washing our sleeping bags and gather up all Mason's clothes and maybe a couple of toys too. I can't wait to see everyone... okay almost everyone!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

a creative and imaginative person with a cheap camera will always outclass an uninspired photographer with the very best equipment. 

-Danny Steyn

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

And My Bestest Friend Became A Mrs.

The weather was beautiful even if it was a bit windy. I'm now sporting my first sunburn of the season...

Dawn was absolutely gorgeous! I couldn't be more happy for her. Bobby and her are two peas in a pod... I still can't believe what she did after the ceremony but you'll have to wait for those photos until tomorrow! For now you can enjoy these.

Now I've only got about 500 more photos to go through... I know that sounds like a lot but really I'm about half through... 972 photos were taken that day... I think my eyes have gone square... or rectangle really... either way they are no longer round.

A special thanks to my friend Jess who came along to help. I really appreciate everything you did! Hopefully we can do this again soon!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Weekend

This weekend starts the 'OMG will I ever get a weekend to myself' driving marathon.

This weekend Mason and I are going to my family's for Easter. Austin will be coming down tomorrow on the motorcycle and going home sometime tomorrow or Sunday. I'm gonna let him worry about the dogs as I will be leaving forgetting them here. Mason and I will be home late Sunday night. Maybe...

Next weekend my friend, Jess, and I are photographing a wedding for my bestest friend, Dawn, from high school. Should be fun! Friday night is the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Saturday is the wedding and reception. Sunday if I can talk her into it we'll be doing her trash the dress and maybe casual family photos. The family photos were her idea... We'll see.

Then the next weekend I am driving down home again for a bachelorette party in Des Moines. Yes, I know, that doesn't make sense. I am driving down to pick up some girls that are going too. They are paying for my gas. It will be a nice girls weekend. Best yet, I will be in control of the driving! We all know how I like control and making my little sister, Cammie, ride in the backseat!!

If I seem insane by the middle of May it may because it is true. Just fair warning! But all this driving does mean I get two child-free weekends in a row! Yay! Maybe that will make up for the two weeks Austin has to be gone. One week in May and one week in June. I did make sure he was going to be around for our anniversary June 24th. Looking back it doesn't really matter if he is here or not though because I usually take off for the Farmer's Merchant's Picnic down home. We have only spent maybe 4 anniversaries together in our eleven years. Who knows though I may talk him into taking vacation and going with us though this year. I'm sure not counting on it though! He is a creature of habit afterall!

Baby Zoey

This is the little sweetheart that I babysit Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays. She is so cute and chunky! I've never seen any baby with teeth like hers...

Those top two middle ones are getting ready to poke through finally! We have had several bad days due to her little teeth and her grandpa... See grandpa thinks she needs held all day but Aunt Lolo doesn't. Wednesdays are horrible, Thursdays are a little better and by Friday she is great.

Mason loves her to death but he is always so very excited to see her go home!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'm so ready for today to be over with... No I don't want to just start over... I just want it to be over with. I have no desire to relive this day... I doubt it would go any better even if I had to relive this day. Baby Zoey is teething and she is frustrated because she can't crawl yet. I'm under the impression that they don't do tummy time because she is 8 months old and barely rolling over... Trust me she does tummy time here! It mostly ends up being cry time but she is doing it. She is doing better. She now rolls over and will get up on her arms. I'm ready to have the sweet baby Zoey back! Come on Friday I need a vacation!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Yesterday afternoon I sent my husband a text that said 'Can I get you to stop and buy me some velcro on the way home? Otherwise I can go when you get home...'

I heard nothing back from him. Well about the velcro anyways. About 5 he called me and asked what kind of velcro I needed.

I was speechless.

I truly hadn't expected him to stop. Every woman reading this I'm sure can see that I really wanted to run to town by myself but was just giving him the opportunity to make me feel good and allow me a guilt free trip in to town. I don't know why he can't read woman. He obviously can't hear sarcasm either but that is a different story...

He asked me what kind I needed, how much, how wide, and what color. As you can imagine I told him for fabric, non-sticky back, 5 feet, 1/2 to 1 inch, black or white.

He got me 20 feet of white, 1inch, sticky back industrial strength and 20 feet black, 1inch, sticky back industrial strength. Forty dollars worth of velcro that I can't use. It actually says on the back "not recommended for fabrics."

When I told him today that I was gonna have to return it he said "what the hell is wrong with the velcro I got you..." I think he got me this velcro just so that later down the road he can say 'remember that time... with the velcro...'

I'm hoping I'm not alone with the husband that goes out of his to play the dumb husband just so I don't ask him to do anything...

Now I'm off to clean off my dining room table yet again... I really need my own sewing room! I argued that I should get half the garage and I thought he was going to have a heart attack...

Monday, April 18, 2011


I have some very dumb people on my facebook friends list... The unfortunate thing is that they are related to me... I think I need to go back through my list and hide some more people from my wall because I'm super tired of reading them bitch every time I pull up facebook. One bitchy post a day is okay... but seriously every 20 minutes... and then there are the prego friends... I just want to shake them and say 'You're the dumbass that wanted another child so stop complaining that you are sick... it happened the last 3 times too, remember!'

Okay I'm done complaining but I'll leave you with this little nugget... I got a message today asking what kind of camera I use because it takes "awesome" photo. Then asked me if it took photos in black and white too because they "really like those" types and wondered if I can do the "ones where only one thing is in color"... I just cringed and gave them the name of a more local photographer... Never mind that I totally glossed over what kind of camera I use because it would have gone right over their head.

Now I am seriously done complaining...

Until tomorrow, anyways, when I have to weigh-in. (I ran 3.5 miles today and I'm still crabby. Maybe tomorrow will go better.)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Tried...

I tried running today.

I really did.

I made it as far as the end of the driveway.

You see, yesterday afternoon, I pinched a nerve in my lower back. A nerve that is now causing me a ton of pain. I can't sit for more than 5 minutes, or lay down for that matter... when it isn't a sharp pain while walking, or um... running, it is a dull ache.

My husband stayed home today on account of the manflu. You know the same exact illness I had last week but didn't get to slow down for... but I'm not bitter about it! Because he stayed home today I am going to WalMart alone to get some IcyHot. You can just imagine how old I feel today!

Pray for my husband. He may not survive this bout of manflu if I have to listen to anymore complaining/whining/shortness. His 'good wife' isn't expected to make an appearance until next Friday at he earliest.

Monday, April 11, 2011

A Couple Cuties

These two cuties belong to my brother Darin. Q looks just like Darin did when I first met him in second grade. Exact! Rather scary actually. P is so sweet and tiny. It seems like she should be older than 17 months. She has been walking since she was 7 months so we totally missed the baby-baby phase.

We got started taking photos a little late. The sun had gone down and we were dealing with that after sunset glow but it was quickly diminishing. I just love P's eyes. They are just gorgeous. Truly!

Some Recents...

I am very familiar with this little sign. This little sign tells me it has been a mile. Sometimes I wish this little was a little closer to the house. Mornings like this morning when my healing lungs are tired and I can't quite shake this cough and it's cold to boot... But I know as always everyday it will get easier to reach this sign. I know I just said yesterday that I was gonna give myself a couple of weeks to recuperate but I just couldn't!
I love the scenery behind it. It is so flat and it seems to stretch forever. Totally different than what I grew up with. Shh... don't tell anyone I know but the other day Mason was getting antsy in the car and so I told him we would be turning after we got over the 'hill'... mind you the 'hill' was no more than a little incline. For crying out loud it wasn't even enough to be considered a no passing zone. I had to laugh at myself. Please don't let me become like people from up here and start considering that little bump a hill!

So far this truck is still sitting where we pulled it to. I guess that is a good thing. I just wish my husband had parked it somewhere that saw more sun... Well more sun other than at 6am. Right now it is sitting in the shadow of a building... and we all know how flattering shadows can be... Maybe I can get him to move it later this spring... 

Sunday, April 10, 2011


I'm down 13 lbs since the 15th of March.

I know I should be excited about this but just can't get worked up about it. I don't feel any different. My clothes fit the same. They sure aren't any looser... My bras fit the same so we know it didn't come from there! Maybe one of these days I'll get to see a difference!

I got out to run this morning before Mason and 'the sick one' got up. I think I should have held off on that. I got about three quarters of the way down my one mile stretch of road and thought I was gonna die. I started coughing and just couldn't get my breath. I pushed through it though and made it home. I guess the good thing is that I haven't coughed since then. I'm pretty sure I hacked up my right lung though.

I'm so thankful that my road isn't used much on Sunday mornings. How embarrassing for one of the neighbors to come up on that scene... I think I'll give myself another week or so to recuperate from illness... and dumbness... It did feel great to get back out there though!

I've told my husband that he is gonna have to get me his work schedule so that I know what time he has to leave here so I can get up early and run. There is no way I am putting my 40+ pounder in a stroller. No thank you! He asked why I don't just want to run in the evenings when he gets home and I just told him plain as day... 'Our roads are deserted early in the morning but in the evenings they are super busy with people getting home from work.' He asked 'Well in the mornings wouldn't they be busy with people going to work?' Nope. We basically live in a retirement community so the old guys don't have to be to coffee until 7:30. Needless to say I am more than ready for some really nice seasonal temps.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wow, getting sick is such a drain on my time... I've spent the last week and a half feeling like crap. Fever, achy, hacking cough, sore throat, stuffed nose, runny nose... oh and not to mention exhausted, beyond exhausted even... It was all I could do just to keep the dishes washed and laundry somewhat done... I know it sure didn't help that Mason was sick right along with me. Mason is generally a very independant little boy but we'll call what he had 'the man flu'... he was whiny and clingy and nothing was ever right. And now that my husband is actually sick with the same thing I have no more sympathy left. I just hope this doesn't have as many tears as Mason's bout with it did!!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

"'Hope is the thing with feathers--
That perches in the soul--
And sings the tune without the words--
And never stops-- at all--"
-Emily Dickinson

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Weight Loss Update

I have lost 5 lbs.

Should I not be more excited about this?

I saw the number on the scale this morning and I felt nothing... Weight W.atchers is so easy to follow. We are a meat and potato household so the first few days took some adjusting. I have added a ton more fruit and veggies to my diet. Seeing as how they are zero points I couldn't go wrong there. I refuse to give up my whole milk though. I can't stand skim or 2%. I cringe at the idea of eating colored water with my cereal. I have even had some candy! I weigh those decisions more carefully now. I have to really want it to be able to 'spend' those points. I have girl scout cookies here that are going uneaten... A crime I know! At this rate they will still be around here until the end of summer. I guess that isn't all that bad though. It will give me something to take camping!

I need to get back on the treadmill. It has been two weeks since I have done any running. I can't wait until we are out of the rainy season and the sun stays out later. Right now it is just way too wet muddy...

Monday, March 21, 2011


It's only Monday and this has already been a long week!!

I am so ready for Mason to start feeling better. He has been super clingy and whiny. OMG the whining... I can't take any more of the whining!

He has started complaining about his ears hurting so I am thinking we have gone from simple virus to ear infection. He also complained about peeing earlier today but I think that is because he might be a little constipated. I know shocking but that is what happens when all the kid will eat is bread and cheese and water. No that isn't all I've fed but that is all that he has wanted to eat. I give him a ham sandwich for lunch and he takes the ham and feeds it to Tootsie or whichever dog is closet, then he scrapes the mayo off and just eats the bread and cheese. The apple juice I gave him wasn't good enough and he got himself water. I have the feeling we will be spending another afternoon in the doctors this week. Sounds exciting...

I did get my kitchen clean today. I couldn't stand it any longer! I'm sure Austin won't be happy once he goes to his garage and realizes that I put all the trash in it and the tub of food scraps. Sorry but that is his job to empty it and it was growing hair... As far as I'm concerned it can grow hair on his work bench!! I couldn't stand having it in my kitchen anymore. If it was up to me I would just put all that in the trash and we would burn it.

Now tomorrow I have to clean my dining room. I don't know what happened the two weeks I was gone but when I left there was nothing on the dining room table and now I can't even find my sewing machine. I might even get the laundry caught up tomorrow. Maybe. At least mine and Mason's stuff. I'm not too concerned about the hubby stuff. He knows how to start the washer and dryer and considering I never do it right anyways he can just do himself.

Man I sound whiny tonight. Maybe I am just a little bit but I just needed to vent. Sometimes I just need to let it out. I guess tonight was the night. Now I'm off to shower and head to town. I know 'town' is just Boone and most people don't consider showering a must but it is in my situation. Trust me. Mason hasn't let me alone for 3 days... Three very long days... Three very long days in which I fell asleep on the couch... I feel gross! I have no clue where my comb is either. I guess it doesn't matter considering my hair is just going up in a bun anyways... I might have to buy one while I'm at WalMart... Wish me luck!

I promise nothing negative tomorrow...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weight Watchers Online...

So I decided to join Weight Watchers Online. It is going okay. I refuse to give up my whole milk. To me those points are worth it. It is odd though to put my running into the tracker and have it come up with a point value. I think my two mile run should be worth more than 5 points... I worked hard for those two miles today! Truthfully it was probably over two miles today because I had to start over twice because Mason is sick and he just wants to sit and cuddle... I'm really hoping he gets to feeling better soon so that I can see 3 miles and more!
And now I'm going to bed. My body hurts from a little 3 year old boys elbows constantly jabbing me today, my eye hurts and I have to put more drops in (long story, I'll probably get to it tomorrow), and my back hurts because I landed on a little hot wheel car at the bottom of the stairs and hurt myself catching my balance. Tomorrow has to go better than today did! Really, it just has to...

Monday, March 14, 2011

This morning my husband asked me to take half a day to run his radiator into the shop. A shop that is over an hour away.

I wonder what he would say if I asked him to take half a day and run my errands...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Sweet Big Boy

My sweet little boy playing outside.

I know he looks innocent but he isn't...

It had been two weeks since I'd posted so I wanted to get at least something on here. Now I'm off to edit my brother's family session. I may be procrastinating just a little bit.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

I had a nice chat with an old friend today. It was just what I needed. I haven't laughed that hard in a looong time. I wish we got to chat more often but that 7 hour time difference is a bummer.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What's For Supper???

It's five o'clock and I have no clue what is for supper...

I got nothing done today that was on my original list...

The living room is clean though... as in C L E A N... thanks to Hyde and some horrible exploding diarrhea... I know TMI!!

I get to pick up my car tomorrow and then baby Zoey is coming over for the day.

Life got in the way of my giveaway so I'm postponing it until I get back from vacation... oh that's right I'm a mom, I don't get vacation... It will have to wait until I get back from my mom and dad's. Look for info around March 14th... Until then you can wonder...

Well I'm off to pick up the bathroom, switch over laundry, mop the kitchen, and take stock of the pantry... I might just have to run to town for supper...
Have you ever had one of those days where nothing goes right? This morning was good until we got home from town... I was stranded here with no car. I don't do well with no car. We'll just compare it to closterphobia. The little dogs were especially yappy this afternoon, Mason had acouple of accidents. Not like he just didn't want to go to the bathroom but like running to the bathroompee dribbling down his leg... so although my washer and dryer ran all day the laundry pile is the same size. I figured while I had this whole day stuck at home that I would get some work done on my to-do pile... Ha! Right! Today my best frenemy was the seam ripper! I finally just gave up around 4. When Austin got home we had to run a tractor rim over to his dad and from there we just went to the store... without a list... with a hungry husband... and cranky child... it was just so much fun... One hundred dollars plus and we finally headed home... there is a very good reaon I usually go to the store by myself... And now that the house is quiet I'm heading to bed. I'm really hoping tomorrow goes better.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Oh Monday I Used To Love You

It's 7:18am and I'm laying here in bed awake...

It is freezing outside... Seriously freezing... The temp might say 28 but add a 14mph wind and that takes the windchill to a whopping 17...

I have to get up, get myself dressed, get Mason dressed and follow my husband into town so we can drop my car off at the repair shop... Yep... transmission is still leaking but it is a sensor on the side of the transmission this time... AWESOME...

I'll be posting more later... You know after I'm awake...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

It's A Good Thing

I love my husbands style of writing!! He has a new post up over at Neck Deep In Chaos... I had no clue he was posting this one so it was a total surprise when I opened my google reader and saw it. I love how he 'stole' my picture!! I don't know if he got it off facebook or if he stole it right out of my phone... I'll have to ask him when he gets up. You know with it being Saturday and all he gets to sleep in... I think it is bullsh!t! Anyways Happy Saturday I'm off to sew.

Don't forget to be watching for my giveaway early next week!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Are We Sure It Isn't A New Furnace???

We might as well have bought a new furnace... The repair was going okay until the very end when we had to add another hundred dollars on to the already high bill when the thermostat decided to quit on us... Awesome. And the furnace guy, Josh, hadn't even touched it yet...

After Josh left I got started on supper. Our friends Joe and Jess and their 3 kiddos came down for supper. We don't generally entertain on weeknights but Jess had come down earlier in the afternoon to drop off my comforter (thanks Jess) and our two boys begged to stay together to play. Since I couldn't convince Jess to take Mason I kept V here. It just worked out perfect for them to come to supper.

Jess made V the cutest little dinosaur jacket!! I'm gonna have to do that for Mason now.

Today was a lot calmer. That doesn't mean I got too much done. I did get some more camera straps ready to sew together. I even have the pockets all lined up and pinned on just perfect so that the patterns match up. My husband is all confused as to why I made so many at one time but I figure a camera strap cover is kinda like a purse... or shoes... Just another cute accessory! It isn't as though I'm going out and buying 30 dollar strap covers. I figured it up and each one cost me around 3 bucks in materials.

I'll post pictures once I get over the raw file aggravation...

Oh and my iron decided to stop working correctly this afternoon. Not real surprising after everything else that has broken or gone wrong lately... I never mess with the heat setting and the minky will melt if you try to iron on the wrong side. I was putting the iron on fusible interfacing on and I touch the iron to the side that is okay to iron on and it just melt. OMG! that iron was hot! So now before I can finish my last 3 strap covers I need to run to town and buy a new iron. I'm thinking once I get those covers done I will make a couple of lens baggies out of matching fabric. I know I'm crazy!

If I feel up to it I might even do a giveaway next week... I know something unusual for me. I am feeling generous though. After everything else that has gone wrong for me these last 2 weeks my sister and brother-in-law got wonderful news at the doctor on Tuesday. They have a date for his next transplant. March 30th! We are all so excited!! Please keep Jesse and his little family in your thoughts and prayers. He will go into the hospital around March 24th and won't get out until around April 25th (his son Hunter's 6th birthday). After that they have to be within 20 minutes of UNMC (University of Nebraska Medical Center) for something like 70 days. Instead of imposing on family (no privacy) or renting an apartment (germs) they are gonna rent a camping spot for their camper and just camp. Good thing they LOVE camping! We are all hoping that this is the last time we have to watch Jesse fight this fight. Our hope is that this transplant is successful and this horrible cancer never comes back.

On that note I'm gonna go say my bedtime prayers and go to sleep. I am just exhausted and I didn't even do anything today...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Never ending Monday

It has been a busy week. We'll start at Monday... Monday I had to get up early. I hate getting up while my husband is still home. He tends to think that I should stay out of the way while he is getting ready for work. I tend to think that my going pee shouldn't be considered 'getting in his way'. So anyways, I had to get up early because I had to call the furnace guy so he could come and look at my furnace. Then I had to call the repair shop so they could come and get my car. Yep you read that right. I had to have my poor little car towed because we didn't want to drive it in and potentially mess up the transmission. Then my sweet Zoey baby came for the day... early... on a day I wasn't expecting her.

The furnace guy, Josh, got here and promptly told me that I needed a new blower motor and burners. Sweet! Not a big deal. He said we were okay to use the furnace until the new ones came in. Mind you that was Monday and today is Wednesday and I woke up to a furnace that was blowing cold air and the thermostat is reading 60. Thankfully it is to be in the low 50's today. I called Josh this morning and he said that my parts had just come in and he would be out later this morning to get it going again. Good thing because I am freezing. Well maybe not really but I am darn cold.

Kim from Redling Repair was the next to show up. I used to work for Kim for several years while Austin was in College so after we gossiped for an hour and a half my little car was on the way to the repair shop. At that point the fate of my poor little car was still unknown but I am happy to report that I got my car back yesterday. It ended up being a torn transmission pan gasket problem. They said it looked like something had grabbed a hold of it and tore it. I'm so thankful I didn't drive it in. Losing that much fluid would have destroyed that transmission. Best yet I got about half the bill back because we have towing on our insurance policy. I was also very excited that Kim gave me a discount. I haven't worked for him for 5 years but he still gives me the employee discount on parts. No labor discount though because his mechanics work on commission. For quality service, though, I will gladly pay the full labor amount! They also repaired, well not really, they remounted two tires because those damn aluminum rims get flaky on the inside and so the new tires I had put on before Christmas didn't seal leaked. Ya... Oh and they replaced the valve stems because when I bought them they were out of the short valve stem and the long ones that were on there were a pain in the butt since I was having to air up my tires every couple of days. 

Last night on the way home from Redling Repair I might have opened it up a little bit and plugged in the radar detector but that is all I'm admitting to...

And now we are Wednesday and the furnace repair guy, Josh, is at work in my basement. I'm not real excited to see how much that bill will be... Although I'm sure it won't be as much as say a new furnace so we'll survive.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


I've had a tough week...

First. The comforter debacle. (the office is NOT an acceptable spot to store my comforters... cough, cough...)

Second. My version of Photoshop Elements will not open my raw files from my D7000. While I do have software that will open said files it is just so much easier if photoshop will do it. I do 99% of my editing in RAW! I can't go back to just jpg files after having so much control! So I had to learn how to create actions in elements... It will work for now but I hope to update soon. Which brings me to number Three...

Third. The blower motor on my furnace started making a loud annoying noise night before last. It only makes this noise right when the blower motor starts up and ends when the burners fire. The burners also need replaced.

And then the big one... The hugestest of the huge...

Fourth. My poor little car has to go to the shop. I don't know what happened to her but she started leaking transmission fluid. Not a little fluid but like a lot of fluid. Enough fluid that I am not driving it the 20 miles into the repair shop. Instead they are going to come and pick her up on the flat bed tow truck. I suffer from no-car-a-phobia so we have borrowed my in laws truck for me to use while we wait to see what is wrong with my car. I'm assuming it is the transmission because it seems to be a pretty common malady of the 300c around 130K. The transmission is around 3500 with 1200 in labor and another 200 for misc is basically the value of the car, well, at least the trade in value, anyways. I don't know about any of you but I sure don't want to spend that kind of money on a car that isn't 4wd out here in the boonies. We'll have to see what my mechanics, Kim and Matt (father/son duo), have to say. It might end up that we fix it well enough to drive to the dealership and trade it off. While it would be nice to drive something 4wd I sure don't want the payment that goes along with it.

So back to the point of this little post... This little blog will have to wait until later next week for some photos. I just don't have the patience to mess with them. Instead I've been sewing but those photos will have to wait because of this vicious little circle. I'm just gonna go pick out my fabric for my camera straps. You read that right strap(s). If I'm gonna make one I might as well make several in an assembly line set up. Well, that and I just couldn't decide on a fabric.

Who knows I might feel up to loading some photos tomorrow... I have tons of cute ones to show off!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I've come to the conclusion that I need to learn how to make actions in PSE... I'm off to Goog.le how to... If you don't hear from me in the next couple of days please notify mental health professionals of my search overload... I'm hoping it is easier than I think it is... Any helpful tips would be greatly appreciated.

I got my new memory cards in the mail today!! I love the packaging!!

Where Did They All Go???

So last night as I was getting ready to go to bed my husband yells down the stairs, "Do we have any clean comforters?". My response was, "Of course we do! Have you seen any in the laundry lately?" I was instantly pissed off. In all the years we have been married I haven't seen him wash any bedding and yet he knows we have several comforters... I go upstairs and go to where I keep said comforters and there are none. I might have been alarmed. I mean we have 6 or so. So where are they? I don't know! I searched our room and can not find any. Naturally it was around 11 and so I didn't have time to search Mason's room or anything but I'm still confused as to where they could be. I don't remember moving any of them.

So for the sake of prosperity and to confirm I'm not going really crazy, I'll list all my comforters and where I saw them last.

  1. The quilt that just came off our bed. In the washer.
  2. The red white and blue stripped comforter. In Jess's durango. Hey, Jess, I forgot to get it out. Please drop it off next time your near my house. Thanks!
  3. My wedding ring quilt. Last seen in my hope chest.
  4. Tan comforter. Last seen in my hope chest.
  5. Second Tan comforter. Gave to dogs outside.
  6. King size red, blue and tan plaid. Last seen in hope chest.
  7. Snowman quilt. Last seen in hall closet in storage vacuum bag.
Did you notice the trend of  'last seen in hope chest'? Do you want to know what is actually in my hope chest? My husbands shirts and misc other crap not belonging to me!!! I am blaming all this on my husband. I sure didn't put his crap in MY hope chest. My cedar hope chest. Perfect for holding bedding...

When asked about this change he said he moved the sheets to my dresser... My dresser... You can tell how often I get in my dresser... So where did all my comforters go? Not a clue but you can be sure I am looking all over this house for where he put them!! I know your thinking 'why not just ask him?' I did and he said 'There weren't any in there. Just a bunch of sheets and such... Talk about aggravating!

I know I probably should have noticed a long time ago but I like the comforter that was on the bed so I've just been taking it off in the morning of bedding laundry day, washing, drying, and putting it back on. I haven't had to get in the hope chest to do anything and I sure never thought my husband would take it over.

And all of this because some little dog decided to throw up on my bed... Anyone want a little minpin or two?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I really need to get on here and pretty this little blog up...
It is so sad and lonely looking...

Busy and Sick

My husband came home early on Monday... So much for my favorite day of the week...

We both didn't feel good and yet I ended up doing everything for him... So totally wrong I know. Tuesday he stayed home from work and decided to 'work' from home. HA! He is so dilusional!! Like he would actually get anything done.

So while he was 'working' in the living room I was in the dining room actually getting something done. I now have both full size baby blankets and two doll blankets ready to sew along with 2 burp cloths of each fabric choice. Some 300 pins, 4 pricks, and 2 remeasures later that is. It really shouldn't take longer than an hour to get everything finished and ready to mail.

The next item on my 'sew'-to-do list is a new camera strap cover. I need something cute to cover that ugly Nikon strap... and this something cute will have a lens cap pocket because since using the new camera I have lost 2 lens caps... I seriously thought about just switching over the strap cover from the old camera but if I do that then I know I won't get a new one made anytime soon. We'll just call that bare ugly strap motivation.

And now that my head is pounding again I think it is time to just go to bed. I'm really hoping I feel better in the morning.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Monday!

I just LOVE Mondays!

Today I'm dusting off the sewing machine and getting busy making a couple of baby blankets with doll blankets and burp rags to match... After I get them done I will be able to finish my sew along quilt. Even though the sew along is officially over I still need to get it finished. Especially if I want my Aunt Bob to help me with the finishing processes while Austin is out of the country. I figured if I was just going to be at my mom and dads that Coin isn't that far away. And I know I'll need a day of escape from my family... lol...

I do have all my strip sets cut up into 2.5 in sections... I just have to lay out my blocks and get them sewn together. Then I have to figure out my layout for my blocks and sew the top together. I'm itching to get back at it but the baby blankets have to be done by next week and I can't keep procrastinating. So I better get to it. Thankfully all my flannels have already been washed...

Saturday, February 5, 2011


I'm listening to Mason in the kitchen watching Mickey Mouse Club House on DVD. Too cute! I think he has forgotten that I'm in here and I really have to pee but I can hold it... I sure don't want to have to watch with him... I know MOM OF THE YEAR right here.

Friday, February 4, 2011

My Day

I should have cleaned today. I had better things to do though. You know, like, lose against Mason playing Mario Kart, watch Curious George, and Toy Story 2, give Mason a bath, and kiss boo boos. Real important stuff! I didn't even get to play with my camera. So basically I did nothing on my to-do list for today. I take that back!!! I did get some bedding washed... Woo Hoo clean sheets for me!!

Today is my mother-in-laws birthday so we are meeting her at 4:30 and going into town to eat supper with the man of my dreams, my husband. We are eating at my favorite restaurant, The Mandarin, in Ames. Yum, Chinese!

Hopefully by the time we are done eating and running the errands on my list that my husband doesn't even know about yet my cousin Jessica will be here. I love when Jessie comes to visit! We do nothing but eat junk food and watch movies all day. I'm really hoping she makes it all the way here... I know I make it sound like Council Bluffs is so far. Lord knows I've made the drive enough times in the last 10 years!

Oh, and I made the ever important call to get my camera insured this morning. Now I don't have to be afraid something will happen to it when we leave the house. Truly it leaves me with such a feeling of security to know that it is covered past my back door should anything happen. You know like my son stepping on it in the car or me dropping it while taking pictures. I even splurged and insured my lenses! And best yet is that my policy covers international travel so I don't have to be nervous when my husband takes my old camera and a couple of lenses with him to Germany and Slovakia later this month because, lets admit it, he won't be taking care of it as carefully as I would.

I also got two memory cards ordered this afternoon. I have had a rash of corrupted cards so the news ones will go in my camera and the old ones Austin can use. I'll order another battery in a couple of weeks after I see just how long one battery will last. It never fails though that I forget to charge it and then I'm just out of luck until it gets done charging. I was spoiled with my last camera because the kit I ordered it in came a second battery.

And now that I've rambled enough I have a ton of stuff to do in not that big of a time period... will I ever learn not to procrastinate... Probably not! HA!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Nikon D7K

My new camera finally came today!! There used to be a time where it would take 3 days or better to dig out from a blizzard. Thank God we have improved things since then!!

My favorite man, aka The UPS guy, showed up right on time this afternoon. I was so excited!! I didn't even get to play with it right away. I was in the middle of making supper so all I got to do was get the battery and battery charger out of the box. I guess it worked out pretty good that by the time supper was done and over with my battery was ready to go.

I have to say I am in LOVE with this camera!! It feels good in my hands, all the buttons are with in easy reach, every action is button controlled so there is no menu searching. I'll post a full review in a couple of days.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Just a continuation of the old blog. I don't think there is a reason to rehash...