Thursday, February 17, 2011

Are We Sure It Isn't A New Furnace???

We might as well have bought a new furnace... The repair was going okay until the very end when we had to add another hundred dollars on to the already high bill when the thermostat decided to quit on us... Awesome. And the furnace guy, Josh, hadn't even touched it yet...

After Josh left I got started on supper. Our friends Joe and Jess and their 3 kiddos came down for supper. We don't generally entertain on weeknights but Jess had come down earlier in the afternoon to drop off my comforter (thanks Jess) and our two boys begged to stay together to play. Since I couldn't convince Jess to take Mason I kept V here. It just worked out perfect for them to come to supper.

Jess made V the cutest little dinosaur jacket!! I'm gonna have to do that for Mason now.

Today was a lot calmer. That doesn't mean I got too much done. I did get some more camera straps ready to sew together. I even have the pockets all lined up and pinned on just perfect so that the patterns match up. My husband is all confused as to why I made so many at one time but I figure a camera strap cover is kinda like a purse... or shoes... Just another cute accessory! It isn't as though I'm going out and buying 30 dollar strap covers. I figured it up and each one cost me around 3 bucks in materials.

I'll post pictures once I get over the raw file aggravation...

Oh and my iron decided to stop working correctly this afternoon. Not real surprising after everything else that has broken or gone wrong lately... I never mess with the heat setting and the minky will melt if you try to iron on the wrong side. I was putting the iron on fusible interfacing on and I touch the iron to the side that is okay to iron on and it just melt. OMG! that iron was hot! So now before I can finish my last 3 strap covers I need to run to town and buy a new iron. I'm thinking once I get those covers done I will make a couple of lens baggies out of matching fabric. I know I'm crazy!

If I feel up to it I might even do a giveaway next week... I know something unusual for me. I am feeling generous though. After everything else that has gone wrong for me these last 2 weeks my sister and brother-in-law got wonderful news at the doctor on Tuesday. They have a date for his next transplant. March 30th! We are all so excited!! Please keep Jesse and his little family in your thoughts and prayers. He will go into the hospital around March 24th and won't get out until around April 25th (his son Hunter's 6th birthday). After that they have to be within 20 minutes of UNMC (University of Nebraska Medical Center) for something like 70 days. Instead of imposing on family (no privacy) or renting an apartment (germs) they are gonna rent a camping spot for their camper and just camp. Good thing they LOVE camping! We are all hoping that this is the last time we have to watch Jesse fight this fight. Our hope is that this transplant is successful and this horrible cancer never comes back.

On that note I'm gonna go say my bedtime prayers and go to sleep. I am just exhausted and I didn't even do anything today...

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