Friday, February 4, 2011

My Day

I should have cleaned today. I had better things to do though. You know, like, lose against Mason playing Mario Kart, watch Curious George, and Toy Story 2, give Mason a bath, and kiss boo boos. Real important stuff! I didn't even get to play with my camera. So basically I did nothing on my to-do list for today. I take that back!!! I did get some bedding washed... Woo Hoo clean sheets for me!!

Today is my mother-in-laws birthday so we are meeting her at 4:30 and going into town to eat supper with the man of my dreams, my husband. We are eating at my favorite restaurant, The Mandarin, in Ames. Yum, Chinese!

Hopefully by the time we are done eating and running the errands on my list that my husband doesn't even know about yet my cousin Jessica will be here. I love when Jessie comes to visit! We do nothing but eat junk food and watch movies all day. I'm really hoping she makes it all the way here... I know I make it sound like Council Bluffs is so far. Lord knows I've made the drive enough times in the last 10 years!

Oh, and I made the ever important call to get my camera insured this morning. Now I don't have to be afraid something will happen to it when we leave the house. Truly it leaves me with such a feeling of security to know that it is covered past my back door should anything happen. You know like my son stepping on it in the car or me dropping it while taking pictures. I even splurged and insured my lenses! And best yet is that my policy covers international travel so I don't have to be nervous when my husband takes my old camera and a couple of lenses with him to Germany and Slovakia later this month because, lets admit it, he won't be taking care of it as carefully as I would.

I also got two memory cards ordered this afternoon. I have had a rash of corrupted cards so the news ones will go in my camera and the old ones Austin can use. I'll order another battery in a couple of weeks after I see just how long one battery will last. It never fails though that I forget to charge it and then I'm just out of luck until it gets done charging. I was spoiled with my last camera because the kit I ordered it in came a second battery.

And now that I've rambled enough I have a ton of stuff to do in not that big of a time period... will I ever learn not to procrastinate... Probably not! HA!

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