Monday, March 28, 2011

"'Hope is the thing with feathers--
That perches in the soul--
And sings the tune without the words--
And never stops-- at all--"
-Emily Dickinson

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Weight Loss Update

I have lost 5 lbs.

Should I not be more excited about this?

I saw the number on the scale this morning and I felt nothing... Weight W.atchers is so easy to follow. We are a meat and potato household so the first few days took some adjusting. I have added a ton more fruit and veggies to my diet. Seeing as how they are zero points I couldn't go wrong there. I refuse to give up my whole milk though. I can't stand skim or 2%. I cringe at the idea of eating colored water with my cereal. I have even had some candy! I weigh those decisions more carefully now. I have to really want it to be able to 'spend' those points. I have girl scout cookies here that are going uneaten... A crime I know! At this rate they will still be around here until the end of summer. I guess that isn't all that bad though. It will give me something to take camping!

I need to get back on the treadmill. It has been two weeks since I have done any running. I can't wait until we are out of the rainy season and the sun stays out later. Right now it is just way too wet muddy...

Monday, March 21, 2011


It's only Monday and this has already been a long week!!

I am so ready for Mason to start feeling better. He has been super clingy and whiny. OMG the whining... I can't take any more of the whining!

He has started complaining about his ears hurting so I am thinking we have gone from simple virus to ear infection. He also complained about peeing earlier today but I think that is because he might be a little constipated. I know shocking but that is what happens when all the kid will eat is bread and cheese and water. No that isn't all I've fed but that is all that he has wanted to eat. I give him a ham sandwich for lunch and he takes the ham and feeds it to Tootsie or whichever dog is closet, then he scrapes the mayo off and just eats the bread and cheese. The apple juice I gave him wasn't good enough and he got himself water. I have the feeling we will be spending another afternoon in the doctors this week. Sounds exciting...

I did get my kitchen clean today. I couldn't stand it any longer! I'm sure Austin won't be happy once he goes to his garage and realizes that I put all the trash in it and the tub of food scraps. Sorry but that is his job to empty it and it was growing hair... As far as I'm concerned it can grow hair on his work bench!! I couldn't stand having it in my kitchen anymore. If it was up to me I would just put all that in the trash and we would burn it.

Now tomorrow I have to clean my dining room. I don't know what happened the two weeks I was gone but when I left there was nothing on the dining room table and now I can't even find my sewing machine. I might even get the laundry caught up tomorrow. Maybe. At least mine and Mason's stuff. I'm not too concerned about the hubby stuff. He knows how to start the washer and dryer and considering I never do it right anyways he can just do himself.

Man I sound whiny tonight. Maybe I am just a little bit but I just needed to vent. Sometimes I just need to let it out. I guess tonight was the night. Now I'm off to shower and head to town. I know 'town' is just Boone and most people don't consider showering a must but it is in my situation. Trust me. Mason hasn't let me alone for 3 days... Three very long days... Three very long days in which I fell asleep on the couch... I feel gross! I have no clue where my comb is either. I guess it doesn't matter considering my hair is just going up in a bun anyways... I might have to buy one while I'm at WalMart... Wish me luck!

I promise nothing negative tomorrow...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weight Watchers Online...

So I decided to join Weight Watchers Online. It is going okay. I refuse to give up my whole milk. To me those points are worth it. It is odd though to put my running into the tracker and have it come up with a point value. I think my two mile run should be worth more than 5 points... I worked hard for those two miles today! Truthfully it was probably over two miles today because I had to start over twice because Mason is sick and he just wants to sit and cuddle... I'm really hoping he gets to feeling better soon so that I can see 3 miles and more!
And now I'm going to bed. My body hurts from a little 3 year old boys elbows constantly jabbing me today, my eye hurts and I have to put more drops in (long story, I'll probably get to it tomorrow), and my back hurts because I landed on a little hot wheel car at the bottom of the stairs and hurt myself catching my balance. Tomorrow has to go better than today did! Really, it just has to...

Monday, March 14, 2011

This morning my husband asked me to take half a day to run his radiator into the shop. A shop that is over an hour away.

I wonder what he would say if I asked him to take half a day and run my errands...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Sweet Big Boy

My sweet little boy playing outside.

I know he looks innocent but he isn't...

It had been two weeks since I'd posted so I wanted to get at least something on here. Now I'm off to edit my brother's family session. I may be procrastinating just a little bit.