Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wow, getting sick is such a drain on my time... I've spent the last week and a half feeling like crap. Fever, achy, hacking cough, sore throat, stuffed nose, runny nose... oh and not to mention exhausted, beyond exhausted even... It was all I could do just to keep the dishes washed and laundry somewhat done... I know it sure didn't help that Mason was sick right along with me. Mason is generally a very independant little boy but we'll call what he had 'the man flu'... he was whiny and clingy and nothing was ever right. And now that my husband is actually sick with the same thing I have no more sympathy left. I just hope this doesn't have as many tears as Mason's bout with it did!!!

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Jess said...

i've got that crap now too. i was just about over my cold and then...bam!...all of a sudden i can't stop blowing my nose and can't breathe at night and now i'm coughing too. the other night when i'd laid in bed til 2 in the morning not being able to breathe, i finally broke down and took some of the kids cold medicine!! it worked just as good on me as it does on them!! it was nice to breathe again!!