Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Have you ever had one of those days where nothing goes right? This morning was good until we got home from town... I was stranded here with no car. I don't do well with no car. We'll just compare it to closterphobia. The little dogs were especially yappy this afternoon, Mason had acouple of accidents. Not like he just didn't want to go to the bathroom but like running to the bathroompee dribbling down his leg... so although my washer and dryer ran all day the laundry pile is the same size. I figured while I had this whole day stuck at home that I would get some work done on my to-do pile... Ha! Right! Today my best frenemy was the seam ripper! I finally just gave up around 4. When Austin got home we had to run a tractor rim over to his dad and from there we just went to the store... without a list... with a hungry husband... and cranky child... it was just so much fun... One hundred dollars plus and we finally headed home... there is a very good reaon I usually go to the store by myself... And now that the house is quiet I'm heading to bed. I'm really hoping tomorrow goes better.

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