Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Busy and Sick

My husband came home early on Monday... So much for my favorite day of the week...

We both didn't feel good and yet I ended up doing everything for him... So totally wrong I know. Tuesday he stayed home from work and decided to 'work' from home. HA! He is so dilusional!! Like he would actually get anything done.

So while he was 'working' in the living room I was in the dining room actually getting something done. I now have both full size baby blankets and two doll blankets ready to sew along with 2 burp cloths of each fabric choice. Some 300 pins, 4 pricks, and 2 remeasures later that is. It really shouldn't take longer than an hour to get everything finished and ready to mail.

The next item on my 'sew'-to-do list is a new camera strap cover. I need something cute to cover that ugly Nikon strap... and this something cute will have a lens cap pocket because since using the new camera I have lost 2 lens caps... I seriously thought about just switching over the strap cover from the old camera but if I do that then I know I won't get a new one made anytime soon. We'll just call that bare ugly strap motivation.

And now that my head is pounding again I think it is time to just go to bed. I'm really hoping I feel better in the morning.

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