Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Yesterday afternoon I sent my husband a text that said 'Can I get you to stop and buy me some velcro on the way home? Otherwise I can go when you get home...'

I heard nothing back from him. Well about the velcro anyways. About 5 he called me and asked what kind of velcro I needed.

I was speechless.

I truly hadn't expected him to stop. Every woman reading this I'm sure can see that I really wanted to run to town by myself but was just giving him the opportunity to make me feel good and allow me a guilt free trip in to town. I don't know why he can't read woman. He obviously can't hear sarcasm either but that is a different story...

He asked me what kind I needed, how much, how wide, and what color. As you can imagine I told him for fabric, non-sticky back, 5 feet, 1/2 to 1 inch, black or white.

He got me 20 feet of white, 1inch, sticky back industrial strength and 20 feet black, 1inch, sticky back industrial strength. Forty dollars worth of velcro that I can't use. It actually says on the back "not recommended for fabrics."

When I told him today that I was gonna have to return it he said "what the hell is wrong with the velcro I got you..." I think he got me this velcro just so that later down the road he can say 'remember that time... with the velcro...'

I'm hoping I'm not alone with the husband that goes out of his to play the dumb husband just so I don't ask him to do anything...

Now I'm off to clean off my dining room table yet again... I really need my own sewing room! I argued that I should get half the garage and I thought he was going to have a heart attack...

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