Friday, November 4, 2011

Let's Go KNIGHTS! Let's Go!

Where has this week gone? Where has this year gone? Anyways...

Today, like here in an hour or so I am taking off for 'down home'. My little cousin had her little baby. Little Carlos is just so cute and so little and I get to take his little pictures this afternoon. I am so excited!

Then tonight I get to go to the Fremont-Mills vs East Mills football game. I missed the game the last time and refuse to miss it this time. So I have to be in Tabor in time to ride with Cammie and Ricky because I do not want to have to find a parking space at the Malvern school.

I have to say that though FM has a great football the cheerleaders are leaving something to be desired. At the game on Monday night I heard exactly 6 cheers... Can I just say HOW PATHETIC!! I know the basketball cheerleaders are way better but that could be because they have a way better coach. Sounds to me like someone needs to step down and let the younger coach be in control because that is exactly what it is a control issue...

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