Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Never ending Monday

It has been a busy week. We'll start at Monday... Monday I had to get up early. I hate getting up while my husband is still home. He tends to think that I should stay out of the way while he is getting ready for work. I tend to think that my going pee shouldn't be considered 'getting in his way'. So anyways, I had to get up early because I had to call the furnace guy so he could come and look at my furnace. Then I had to call the repair shop so they could come and get my car. Yep you read that right. I had to have my poor little car towed because we didn't want to drive it in and potentially mess up the transmission. Then my sweet Zoey baby came for the day... early... on a day I wasn't expecting her.

The furnace guy, Josh, got here and promptly told me that I needed a new blower motor and burners. Sweet! Not a big deal. He said we were okay to use the furnace until the new ones came in. Mind you that was Monday and today is Wednesday and I woke up to a furnace that was blowing cold air and the thermostat is reading 60. Thankfully it is to be in the low 50's today. I called Josh this morning and he said that my parts had just come in and he would be out later this morning to get it going again. Good thing because I am freezing. Well maybe not really but I am darn cold.

Kim from Redling Repair was the next to show up. I used to work for Kim for several years while Austin was in College so after we gossiped for an hour and a half my little car was on the way to the repair shop. At that point the fate of my poor little car was still unknown but I am happy to report that I got my car back yesterday. It ended up being a torn transmission pan gasket problem. They said it looked like something had grabbed a hold of it and tore it. I'm so thankful I didn't drive it in. Losing that much fluid would have destroyed that transmission. Best yet I got about half the bill back because we have towing on our insurance policy. I was also very excited that Kim gave me a discount. I haven't worked for him for 5 years but he still gives me the employee discount on parts. No labor discount though because his mechanics work on commission. For quality service, though, I will gladly pay the full labor amount! They also repaired, well not really, they remounted two tires because those damn aluminum rims get flaky on the inside and so the new tires I had put on before Christmas didn't seal leaked. Ya... Oh and they replaced the valve stems because when I bought them they were out of the short valve stem and the long ones that were on there were a pain in the butt since I was having to air up my tires every couple of days. 

Last night on the way home from Redling Repair I might have opened it up a little bit and plugged in the radar detector but that is all I'm admitting to...

And now we are Wednesday and the furnace repair guy, Josh, is at work in my basement. I'm not real excited to see how much that bill will be... Although I'm sure it won't be as much as say a new furnace so we'll survive.

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