Thursday, February 10, 2011

Where Did They All Go???

So last night as I was getting ready to go to bed my husband yells down the stairs, "Do we have any clean comforters?". My response was, "Of course we do! Have you seen any in the laundry lately?" I was instantly pissed off. In all the years we have been married I haven't seen him wash any bedding and yet he knows we have several comforters... I go upstairs and go to where I keep said comforters and there are none. I might have been alarmed. I mean we have 6 or so. So where are they? I don't know! I searched our room and can not find any. Naturally it was around 11 and so I didn't have time to search Mason's room or anything but I'm still confused as to where they could be. I don't remember moving any of them.

So for the sake of prosperity and to confirm I'm not going really crazy, I'll list all my comforters and where I saw them last.

  1. The quilt that just came off our bed. In the washer.
  2. The red white and blue stripped comforter. In Jess's durango. Hey, Jess, I forgot to get it out. Please drop it off next time your near my house. Thanks!
  3. My wedding ring quilt. Last seen in my hope chest.
  4. Tan comforter. Last seen in my hope chest.
  5. Second Tan comforter. Gave to dogs outside.
  6. King size red, blue and tan plaid. Last seen in hope chest.
  7. Snowman quilt. Last seen in hall closet in storage vacuum bag.
Did you notice the trend of  'last seen in hope chest'? Do you want to know what is actually in my hope chest? My husbands shirts and misc other crap not belonging to me!!! I am blaming all this on my husband. I sure didn't put his crap in MY hope chest. My cedar hope chest. Perfect for holding bedding...

When asked about this change he said he moved the sheets to my dresser... My dresser... You can tell how often I get in my dresser... So where did all my comforters go? Not a clue but you can be sure I am looking all over this house for where he put them!! I know your thinking 'why not just ask him?' I did and he said 'There weren't any in there. Just a bunch of sheets and such... Talk about aggravating!

I know I probably should have noticed a long time ago but I like the comforter that was on the bed so I've just been taking it off in the morning of bedding laundry day, washing, drying, and putting it back on. I haven't had to get in the hope chest to do anything and I sure never thought my husband would take it over.

And all of this because some little dog decided to throw up on my bed... Anyone want a little minpin or two?

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