Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Weekend

This weekend starts the 'OMG will I ever get a weekend to myself' driving marathon.

This weekend Mason and I are going to my family's for Easter. Austin will be coming down tomorrow on the motorcycle and going home sometime tomorrow or Sunday. I'm gonna let him worry about the dogs as I will be leaving forgetting them here. Mason and I will be home late Sunday night. Maybe...

Next weekend my friend, Jess, and I are photographing a wedding for my bestest friend, Dawn, from high school. Should be fun! Friday night is the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Saturday is the wedding and reception. Sunday if I can talk her into it we'll be doing her trash the dress and maybe casual family photos. The family photos were her idea... We'll see.

Then the next weekend I am driving down home again for a bachelorette party in Des Moines. Yes, I know, that doesn't make sense. I am driving down to pick up some girls that are going too. They are paying for my gas. It will be a nice girls weekend. Best yet, I will be in control of the driving! We all know how I like control and making my little sister, Cammie, ride in the backseat!!

If I seem insane by the middle of May it may because it is true. Just fair warning! But all this driving does mean I get two child-free weekends in a row! Yay! Maybe that will make up for the two weeks Austin has to be gone. One week in May and one week in June. I did make sure he was going to be around for our anniversary June 24th. Looking back it doesn't really matter if he is here or not though because I usually take off for the Farmer's Merchant's Picnic down home. We have only spent maybe 4 anniversaries together in our eleven years. Who knows though I may talk him into taking vacation and going with us though this year. I'm sure not counting on it though! He is a creature of habit afterall!

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